Why work with FM Search if you are looking to hire ?

If you are a business, looking to hire, you probably want to partner with a headhunter that understands what you are looking for, represents you in the market in a competitive and compelling way, can find you the right candidates and can assess them based on your specifications. Let’s see if we have the potential to be the right headhunter for you:
Our current instruction to completion ratio on exclusive assignments sits at approximately 95% and we are rowing hard to get this to 100%. This means that the overwhelming majority of assignments we take on, are completed successfully.

For you to get that kind of certainty means we would need to do each of the following three things:

Build a detailed brief to uncover what skills and knowledge the right candidates will need to be able to do the job and, more importantly, why they would want to do it. The briefing packs are unique to your business and not regurgitated buzz words that no one believes in.

Conduct a thorough search and attraction process that will include tapping into an extensive professional network built over 8 years+, headhunting & market mapping and candidate reach through various effective advertising methods. All of this is done together and not in isolation, to ensure maximum coverage and market reach.

Assess every candidate against your hiring criteria only, and no one else’s.

We understand the disciplines we recruit for well enough to be capable of asking you the right questions that will give us the right level of information to make us effective in representing your business in the market and attracting the right talent for you. This means that you will only have to interview 2 – 5 candidates and decide on which one fits best. We’ll take care of everything, including the admin. Get in touch to talk further.