Why work with FM Search if you are looking to hire ?



If you are a business, looking to hire, you probably want to partner with a headhunter who:

1.Understands what you are looking for

2. Represents you in the market in a competitive and compelling way

3. Can find you the right candidates and can assess them based on your specifications, not someone else’s


4. Can help you adjust the process to fit your needs and current market conditions, so you don’t waste your time and money on things that do not work

You value recruitment. We recruit value.

Our process in a nutshell

Build a detailed brief to uncover what skills and knowledge the right candidates will need to be able to do the job and, more importantly, why they would want to do it.

Together, we will also identify the value add you offer to professionals and your way of working, ensuring that you and prospective candidates match.

I have not seen such briefing packs locally. Very professional and helpful” – feedback received from professionals 


Conduct a thorough search and attraction process that will include tapping into an extensive professional network built over 10 years+, headhunting & market mapping and candidate reach through various effective advertising methods. If your search is not off market/ confidential, all of this is done together and not in isolation, to ensure maximum coverage and market reach.

We have also undertaken , successfully, with a completion rate of 100%, confidential, executive level search assignments, based on pure market mapping and headhunting. Such assignments tend to occur during stealth mode C Level build up, succession planning, to name but a few. 


Assess every candidate against your hiring criteria only, and no one else’s.

Each professional presented to your business has undergone a thorough interview process with FM Search, to assess skills, corporate and professional fit, commitment and value add to your business and the role. 

Each candidate is assessed and briefed solely within the parameters of your business and requirements, always focused on value add and clarity over strengths and development areas, so you can plan any necessary training needed.