Meet FM Search

Si ventus non est, remiga.

This is the motto I live my life by. It’s a Latin phrase that translates as “When there is no wind, row.” P.S – You will encounter some Latin here and there. I studied Latin for years and I insist on not letting this knowledge go to waste.

Meet Fran Moisa

Some would, jokingly, call us a “one-man-band”. To be fully accurate, it should be a “one-woman band”.  Meet Fran Moisa, Founder and your headhunter and talent advisor at FM Search.

My life motto kept me going when at 19, I left my home country of Romania to live in London. It helped me carve out my niche recruitment specialism too – by always finding a way to get results.

I’m a straight-talking headhunter who has historically been pretty good at finding people with niche skills in unique and highly competitive disciplines – my fill rate is around 95% and I am rowing hard to bring that to 100%.

 I also run a series of live podcasts with local industry professionals called SCIO (again with the Latin, it means “To Know”. Note that clicking on microphone icon will take you to the YouTube Channel).

On it, I talk with various local experts on topics as diverse as compliance regulations, financial services, mental health, business ethics, and Artificial Intelligence. They are free to join and interactive.

I’ve lived in Malta for 8 years+, been a mother for 7 years and married to an Accountant for what seems like an eternity – he sends me Excel spreadsheets with the chores he does in the house when I complain that “I do everything around here”. He also thinks I am annoying, but hey, you cannot win them all.