Why work with FM Search if you are looking for a job?


If you are a professional who is considering a new job, whether actively or passively, you probably want to partner with a headhunter who:

1. Understands your work

2. Has sufficient influence in the marketplace to create opportunities for you


3. Advises you and coaches you throughout the recruitment process in your best interests

As much as a business is interviewing you, YOU are interviewing them too.

Let’s see if we have the potential to be the right headhunter for you:

We understand the difference between statutory and management accounting, technical and regulatory compliance, different asset classes, and so on.

We won’t pitch you a financial accountant role when you’re looking for an FP&A role.

We believe in creating value and will always strive towards improving your current professional situation.

Whether that happens to be a better environment, a better firm, better professional exposure, better training, or whatever “better” means for you, we will strive to achieve that. 


The overwhelming majority of our clients are repeat clients, candidates that become our clients, and referrals from existing clients/candidates.

We are trusted by blue-chip firms, ranging from start up’s to listed companies to identify professionals, like yourself.

This means that we can give you a thorough insight into any potential job we are discussing with you, not just a basic intro.

So you can make the best decision for your career. 


We will always consider your preferences and if what we have is not aligned with your preferences, we will not push you to move forward in the process.

We advise you in good faith and your long–term satisfaction is paramount.

We will coach you and prepare you thoroughly throughout every stage of the interview process, offer management, resignation and onboarding, to ensure you make the most out of your journey and you grow with it and through it. 


We cannot promise you that we will find you your next dream job, but what we can promise you is that, if we work together, you will be treated with respect, empathy, and transparency, so you can make the best decision for your career. After all, moving jobs, is a crucial decision in your life and we’d never try and trivialize or minimize such an important decision. Our services are always free for candidates. Check our “Jobs” page for more.

“I found Fran to be very knowledgeable and understanding of the opportunities which I wanted to pursue, rather than those that she wanted to “push” for me.”

M&A Professional, Malta

“My experience with Fran as a headhunter was exceptional. She is highly professional and goes the extra mile for you. I was very impressed with her approach as she provided me with constant updates throughout the whole process, and help and she even followed up with me after I got the job to see how I was doing. I cannot thank her enough for her support.”

Compliance/MLRO Professional, Malta

“Working with Fran, I realised how much she listens and understands the candidates she works with. Her interview and career advice have been very insightful and practical”

Finance Director, Malta